Mark's Selected Site of the Unspecified and Variable Time Period

Lotto Anyone? Here is Mark's site for 1999:

Ever feel like playing the lottery? You know you're more likely to be hit by lightning, right? But, it's so tempting anyway. Well, click here and get your fill.

As an aside, I don't think the random number generator these folks used is very good - some numbers hit a lot more frequently than others, but the overall effect of the site is quite good, anyway.

Here is Mark's selected URL for 6/22/96:

The Jesus Homepage

Here is Jesus Christ's personal home page. Learn about Jesus from his own first-person account of himself on his HTML Web page.

Slate Magazine used to be my latest selected site, but those bastards started charging money to read their magazine. The nerve.

They have stopped charging money again, so I once again recommend Slate. I really like a lot of their writing, and they often cover things from an interesting perspective. They also do quite a lot of coverage of other press outlets - today's headlines, the weekend talk shows, summarizing other magazines, etc.

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